If you’re looking for a sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a nice mix of effects and smooth smoke, the Walter White strain is always a good choice. This strain gets its name from Breaking Bad’s Heisenberg, and as you might imagine, it gives you some distinct stimulating effects. However, its sativa properties are balanced out by its indica side, so smoking this can also give you soothing relaxation both on a mental and physical level.

The Walter White strain also has a creamy, earthy taste with hints of citrus. Whether you decide to smoke or vape it, it’s a highly enjoyable flower. The effects aren’t too overwhelming and it gives you a manageable high that’s enjoyable at any time of the day. Here’s more on the effects, medical benefits, and taste of Walter White.

Walter White Strain Effects

Walter White is a hybrid strain that leans strongly in favor of sativa cannabis. It’s around 70% sativa, although you will still get the relaxing effects of your average indica. It’s descended from fellow hybrid strain The White, only with some added sativa genetics. This profile gives it a solid mix of effects that will stimulate your mind while also soothing pain and anxiety.

Most users who smoke this strain will feel happy, talkative, mentally uplifted, and sometimes tingly. It’s a good social strain that will bring you out of your shell and make your mind feel faster and more focused. It’s also useful for relaxation- stress will melt away along with any kind of physical discomfort. Meanwhile, the mental stimulation and enhanced senses will make any activity from watching films to reading books more enjoyable.

While it’s a strong strain, it’s not too overwhelming. With THC levels running from around 15-23%, it gives you a balanced high that allows you to be productive and focused. It’s perfect as a daytime strain, but it’s appropriate for any time of the day.

Walter White Strain Effects

Walter White Strain Medical Benefits

It’s also a strain with an impressive range of medical benefits. Its sativa properties are particularly helpful for dealing with stress, depression, and lifting your mood in general. Those dealing with any kind of social or general anxiety will quickly be lifted out of any mental unease. The sharp mental focus it gives makes it much easier to handle tasks with motivation and optimism.

Meanwhile, its indica side will also help relax you physically. It helps relieve pain and inflammation and can also get rid of nausea and headaches. It can also give you the munchies, making it a good strain for tackling any kind of loss of appetite.

Much like with its general effects, there’s a decent balance of everything. While those looking for super strong pain relief or help with sleep might want a stronger indica, it’s perfect as a sativa with some physically relaxing properties. As such, medical users can benefit a lot from this balanced hybrid strain.

Walter White Strain Flavor

Walter White has a woody and earthy aroma. You’ll also catch hints of pine and even citrus in the thick, trichome-packed buds. Much like its effects, the flavor is an interesting mix which makes this strain stand out to many.

The taste is just as distinct. Users will get thick and creamy smoke or vapor with a citrusy yet earthy flavor. It’s a pungent strain, but those who like a strong smell and taste will like Walter White all the more for it. The smoke may be a little harsh for some beginners, but it’s still a great strain for smoking or vaping that most will enjoy.

How To Buy Walter White Strain

While Walter White is a top choice of strain for many, it’s fairly exclusive and you may not find it in all stores and dispensaries across Canada. However, if you can’t get your hands on it locally, it’s available to buy online for delivery across the country.

You can buy Walter White online here at Weedom. It’s available in half ounce or ounce quantities, but you’ll get high-quality buds that are packaged with safety and discretion in mind. There are also discount deals for those who buy bulk amounts.

Buying online is becoming a common choice for many users in Canada. You get the convenience of home delivery with the assurance of good quality marijuana. A wide selection is also available from online vendors, and you’ll generally get much better prices than you would in government dispensaries.

Buy Walter White Strain

Alternative Strains To Walter White

This balanced hybrid-strain will suit many, but it isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for an alternative to Walter White or you simply want to try something a little different, here are some quality alternatives.

God’s Green Crack is another powerful hybrid strain. This one has balanced effects, so its mentally uplifting sativa properties are complemented well by euphoric and relaxing indica effects. If you’re looking for a hybrid with a little more of a kick on the indica side, this is a great alternative to Walter White.

Chocolate Kush is a quality alternative if you want a pure indica with a distinct taste. With hints of coffee and chocolate, this potent indica strain is a pleasure to smoke. The effects are incredibly relaxing. It’ll make you feel happy, euphoric, stress-free, and ready to sleep. If you want a nighttime strain to counteract the stimulating effects of Walter White, this is the way to go.

Lemon Haze is a cheap and cheerful pure sativa strain. If you enjoy your buds with a citrus taste and motivating effects, you can’t go wrong with this one. It delivers highly uplifting effects, producing happiness, mental focus, and euphoria. It also provides relief for stress, depression and a lot more.


The Walter White strain gives you a manageable high with strong uplifting effects. If you need a strain to get you going in the morning, it’s perfect to wake and bake with. Its indica properties also provide soothing effects that make it great for relieving headaches, stress, and physical pain throughout the day. It’s available to buy online across Canada and its all-day effects make it a good choice of strain for any marijuana lover, beginner or veteran.