Weed is now legal to purchase, possess, and use across Canada, with certain limits. However, while you won’t need to worry about getting high on your own time, some people may still need to face drug tests. Certain employers and institutions still test for marijuana, and some users may need to avoid showing up positive. It’s useful to know how to get weed out of your system fast if this applies to you.

There are many methods to help you flush weed out of your system faster, some better than others. Some will require more time than others whereas some can help you pass a test on the same day. Here’s a guide on how long THC stays in your system and how to get weed out of your system fast. 

How Long Does Weed Stay in Your System

Before trying to flush it out, it helps to know how long weed stays in your system. The THC from weed can bind to metabolites in your body and stay around for a while. This can be detected in numerous kinds of tests, although drug testers most commonly use urine tests.

According to studies, your body will flush out around 80-90% of THC within five days. The traces may remain for a little longer, but you may be able to pass a urine test within as little as a week. This can depend on various factors, such as how fast your metabolism is, how much you excrete, and how much weed you’ve consumed. 

Other types of testing may show different results. Saliva and blood tests usually only detect marijuana used within around the past 24 hours. Hair testing can detect marijuana for up to 90 days. However, a study found that hair testing only detected around 52.3% of those who had used weed within the past three months. Again, this can be affected by various factors and those who use weed less frequently will be more likely to pass.

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System

How To Get Weed Out Of Your System

There are various ways to get weed out of your system. When you’re facing a urine test, you’ll want to do anything that helps you flush it out faster via urine or feces. Here are some tried and tested methods to help get weed out of your system faster. 

Drink Water 

The simplest and most obvious way to get weed out of your system is to drink water. The more you drink, the more you’ll flush out when you go to the toilet. More water can also help mask THC in your urine.

Drink Cranberry Juice 

Another simple way to speed up your digestive system and flush weed out faster is by drinking cranberry juice. Cranberry juice has a laxative effect, which will help you excrete more THC faster. This is often used in the days leading up to a drug test.

Use Vitamin B-12

There are various vitamins and supplements which can help you pass a drug test for weed. One of the most effective is Vitamin B-12. B Vitamins help mask THC in your urine. Those looking to pass a drug test often combine Vitamin B-12 with a few liters of water to test positive without raising flags for clear urine. B Vitamins can also help speed up your metabolism and flush THC out faster. 

Use Creatine

Creatine is another supplement that’s often used by weed users trying to pass a drug test. Drug tests nowadays often test for creatinine in the urine. This is meant to prove that the subject hasn’t overloaded their body with water to mask the THC. Taking Creatine for around 1-3 days before a drug test will help keep creatinine levels in the urine high and not raise any flags. 

Other Methods

There are a few other methods to get weed out of your system, although some of these will require more time. Drinking lemon juice and eating high-fiber foods can help speed up your digestive system to flush out more THC. It’s best to eat more, as one study found food deprivation can release THC back into the bloodstream.

Exercising can also have an effect by sweating out more THC and speeding up your metabolism. However, this is best done a week or so in advance. Exercise may also release THC back into the bloodstream and make it harder to pass a test.

Fastest Way To Get Weed Out Of Your System

Fastest Way To Get Weed Out Of Your System

If you have a drug test coming up fast, you’ll need to get weed out of your system fast. While it might be hard to flush all the THC out of your body, you can pass a test by masking it. Most methods used to pass a drug test focus on both flushing out THC and masking the remains. 

Drinking water combined with taking Vitamin B-12 and creatine supplements is usually the most effective way. The water helps flush more THC out while also masking levels in your urine. Vitamin B-12 and creatine help ensure you won’t be failed for diluted urine.

Generally, the best way to ensure you pass a drug test fast is by using a detox kit. These usually include both supplements and drinks to help ensure you pass. You combine these with water on the day of a test to help you mask THC in your system extra fast. Detox drinks work much in the same way. These include ingredients designed to help you pass a test.

Some of these detox kits can help you pass a drug test within 24 hours. However, other factors still apply. Your body type, your metabolism, and the amount of weed you’ve consumed can make a difference. Those who smoke a lot of weed frequently will naturally find it harder to pass.


Most of the effects of weed will be gone within hours, but THC can still stick around in your system. If you eat healthily, drink a lot of water, and exercise, you’ll flush THC out faster. However, those with a test coming up fast may need to take drastic measures. Using water, B Vitamins and creatine can help get weed out of your system fast. For an all-in-one approach, look for marijuana detox kits.