Weed is now fully legal in Canada and anyone aged 19 or above can enjoy all kinds of marijuana! But what are Canada’s most popular marijuana strains? Between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains, there are many to choose from, each with their own unique tastes and differences in effects.

Especially when it comes to buying weed online, you have tons of choices and may have a hard time choosing. Here are some of Canada’s most popular marijuana strains that any user can enjoy.

Purple OG

Purple OGPurple OG is one of the most popular indica strains in Canada. Many users love it for its potent indica effects, giving you an intense relaxing sensation. It’s useful for both easing your mind and soothing you physically, making it particularly popular for medical use.

Recreational users will also enjoy this strain. It’s a great choice when you just want to chill out on the couch and catch up on some TV shows. What’s more, the rich berry taste makes it a pleasure to smoke.

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indica-rockstar-indica-1This indica will send a strong wave of relaxation all over your body. You’ll also get a euphoric head high that will heighten your senses and make you feel happy. It’ll take the edge off fast, making feelings of pain and stress will drift away.

This pungent strain has a spicy grape-like flavor. It’s good for smoking or vaping and useful for both medical and recreational purposes.

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Walter White

This interesting strain gets its name from Breaking Bad and its genetics from another popular hybrid strain, The White. Walter White has a smooth citrus taste and a good range of effects thanks to its hybrid properties.

Walter White can make you feel physically relaxed but mentally uplifted at the same time. It’s a useful social strain, making you feel more happy and talkative. However, those who just want to chill out by themselves will also have an enjoyable experience with this strain.

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Blueberry Haze

blueberryxhazeThe origin of this strain’s title is fairly straightforward- it’s a cross between Blueberry and Haze, resulting in a sweet-tasting strain with hazy effects. This is a strong indica that can hit you hard and fast with sedating effects. However, many users enjoy it for exactly that reason.

The intense body high will relieve all kinds of pain, stress, and anxiety. It’s also perfect for tackling insomnia. If you need a strain to help you mellow right out at night, this is a popular choice.

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Blue Dream

blue dreamBlue Dream is a popular hybrid strain worldwide thanks to its balanced hybrid effects. It leans a little more to the sativa side, making it useful for daytime medication. It’ll relieve any stress and boost your mood fast, making it great for counteracting depression and anxiety.

It also has some nice indica effects, giving you a smooth body high without being too intense. You can enjoy this one at any time of the day and the sweet berry taste makes it all the better.

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Chocolate Kush

The rich cocoa taste alone makes this strain a popular choice for many. But in addition to the enjoyable flavor, it also gives you powerful, euphoric relaxation. It’s an indica strain that will make you feel sedated very fast, so you might want to save it for nighttime use.

Chocolate Kush’s tranquilizing effects also make it a popular choice for medical users. It can relieve pain, aches, muscle spasms, and stress. It’ll also boost your appetite and give you a deep, relaxing sleep.

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God’s Green Crack

GodsGreenCrackGod’s Green Crack is one of Canada’s best hybrid strains. It’s a mix of the heavy indica God Bud and stimulating Green Crack, leading to a hybrid that gives you the best of both worlds.

You’ll feel a sharp boost in your mood and mental focus with feelings of happiness and creativity. You’ll also get a soothing body high that melts away any kind of physical pain or discomfort. This is an enjoyable strain for all-day use.

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MedihazeDo you love getting the soothing therapeutic effects of marijuana without being overwhelmingly high? MediHaze might be the perfect strain for you. MediHaze is bred for medical use, meaning it has relatively low THC levels and high CBD levels. It’ll give you a nice, stimulating high while also relieving stress, pain, and depression.

This sativa-dominant hybrid will give you a happy and uplifting high, although it’s indica side will also mellow you out slightly. It’s good for daytime use and will make you feel more energetic and productive.

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King Louis XIII

King LouisThis regal strain is one of the best indicas out there. It offers an earthy aroma, smooth smoke, and intense tranquilizing effects. King Louis XIII boasts THC levels of up to 20%, offering a powerful high that’s perfect for physical relaxation.

Those who need a therapeutic strain will enjoy this one immensely. The sedating effects can relieve all kinds of anxiety and pain. It’s also one of the most popular strains for dealing with insomnia, it’ll give you a deep rest and have you feeling mentally refreshed in the morning.

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Lemon Haze

FBlueberry-Lemon-Haze-FlowerLemon Haze is well renowned for its fresh citrus flavor, but the effects are just as enjoyable. This sativa strain gives you a long-lasting high that will make you feel highly positive and focused. Users report energizing and euphoric effects, making this a popular choice for a wake-and-bake strain.

Users who need to counteract stress, depression, and fatigue will benefit greatly from this. It’s also ideal for recreational users who want a strong uplifting high.

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The new cannabis laws make it easy for anyone in Canada to enjoy all their favorite strains. These are some of Canada’s most popular marijuana strains, but there are plenty more to choose from. You can order any of these online for delivery or even try other products, such as marijuana edibles and oils. Whether you need something to relieve medical symptoms or just a smooth, enjoyable high, there are plenty of great options available for you.